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Humans…such fragile yet so mighty. How did we achieve everything that we see around us…we dreamed!

Often, life keeps giving us setbacks after setbacks, an opportunity missed, a hope crushed, an aim short of fulfilment… the ones who overcame all these obstacles were the ones who never stopped dreaming. They were the ones who never gave up on their dreams. You see, life has a funny way of giving us what we dream, all it asks is you don’t give up on it at all costs!

“When times are dark and there’s no ray of hope, what do we do? We dream of a bright day. When life puts us on a crossroad, when hope is no where in sight, when words lose comfort… the only thing that keeps us going is that dream!”

Why does a soldier fight for us at our borders, coz he has a dream. A dream to be the one that keeps his family and fellow countrymen safe!

Why does a bread earner relentlessly and selflessly provides to their child, coz they have a dream. A dream to give their child a platform they never had.

We come across many hardships in life, things happen the way we never expected them to. But all I know is one thing, those who dream and believe in their dream to the very last moment, achieve it! Sometimes, our dreams turn into reality sooner than we expected, sometimes it takes years, but if you are resilient to look fate in the eye long enough… even God’s can’t stop what your destiny is.

No dream is too small, no dream is too big. It is what it is, a beacon of inspiration, a rope to hold on to, a path to never side track from. It is our dream.”

Consider yourself the luckiest in the world, if that dream is shared by others. They say one person can change the world with his dream, imagine what a whole army of dreamers that shares the same dream can achieve!

There will be days, when you would want to give up. Days when you won’t be able to bear the pain no more. Days where it feels so hollow that ending everything is the only logical solution. On those dark corners in life, remember one thing… ‘This too shall pass’. And when the days comes, when it’s your day… don’t waste a single breath more to take what’s yours! Your dream becoming a reality!


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