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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Ever since I started writing, I have aimed to push my readers beyond the limits of knowledge and help them find the answers to their questions. My hope is that A Thought Provoking Tardis will become your favourite platform for learning new things, sharing interesting facts with other readers and keeping the flame of curiosity alive.


From a young age, I was fascinated by new and thrilling facts that truly amazed me, and it has always excited me to know that there are more who feel the same way. Explore the site to begin your learning journey—you’re one of us now.

This website is to help you cultivate your educational curiosity and ignite your mind. I encourage you to keep asking questions and learn something new. Feel free to get in touch for life coaching, expression of thoughts or any guidance!

If you are a knowledge seeker or want to know & learn more every day, I would be more than happy to help you in all my capacity. 


If you are a student / professional, or maybe just a regular human being trying to make a difference by doing their bit, would love to exchange our thoughts.

You can find the following content on my site:

·    A discussion Forum (to talk about life, guidance, fears, mental health and new knowledge).

·    Live Chat option (An anonymous platform to express yourself or seek help)

·    Motivational Blogs

·    ExcelMantras (A guide to MS Excel)

·    HRMantras (A guide for aspiring professionals)

God Speed!

Yours sincerely

Ashish Verma

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