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If you want to...

Some beautiful insights which I read the other day, I hope this helps anyone who's looking for something better in life.

If you want to...

If you want to feel connected:
• Call a loved one
• Write down your thoughts
• Meditate

If you want to build confidence:
• Wear something you love
• Recite self-affirmations
• Make your bed before you leave home

If you want to sharpen your mind:
• Take a walk alone
• Read a book
• Discuss

If you want to stay focused:
• Drink water
• Write your to-do list
• Finish the most time consuming and difficult thing first
• Disconnect yourself from your communication devices and platforms for atleast 2 hours straight

If you want to take a break:
• Listen to music
• Spend time outside
• Drink your favorite beverage

If you want to be healthier:
• Stretch
• Get some sun (You know you don't get enough)
• Put your mind and body to some exercise

Only if you want to!

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