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A guide to healthy relationships

We all have a relationship with everyone we know in one way or the other... some are healthy, some are inherited and some are just for formality. Either way, every relationship has some basic unwritten ground rules to flourish. This post is an attempt to give you a perspective about the basics of relationship dynamics.

A guide to healthy relationships

The base/core of any beautiful relationship has to begin with RESPECT. No matter what!

Then comes TRUST:
• Accepting each other's word
• Giving the benefit of the doubt

Followed by HONESTY:
• Always have an open and truthful communication

Which leads to SUPPORT:
• Support each other's choices
• Being understanding
• Offering encouragement
• Listening non-judgmentally
• Valuing opinions

Must advocate COOPERATION:
• Asking not expecting
• Accepting change
• Making decisions together
• Willing to compromise
• Win win resolutions to conflicts

Never shy away from ACCOUNTABILITY:
• Admit mistakes (or when wrong)
• Accept responsibility for behavior, attitudes and values

And lastly ensuring SAFETY:
• Refusing to intimidate or manipulate
• Respective of physical space
• Expressing self non-violently

This is merely the foundation of a healthy relationship! Remember always... you both are equals!

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